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LiDAR BlogWelcome to Sanborn’s LiDAR blog.   Our LiDAR team will be using this space to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things related to this amazing technology that is changing the way we capture, measure and map our world.

Subscribe or check back often for the latest industry news and events, and stay tuned  for the latest developments in LiDAR Sensors, software and applications.   We’ll be featuring practical advice from experts in the trenches, covering relevant case studies, best practices, and lessons learned, so join in on the conversation with your suggestions, comments and feedback….and enjoy!

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  1. Jamie and the Sanborn LiDAR Group,

    This is a great idea for promoting LiDAR and the technological advances that are rapidly occurring with the technology. I am looking forward to reading future posts on the blog.

    Perhaps you could discuss the exciting new web technology for LiDAR recently deployed at Sanborn, LiDAR Server?

    Good stuff… keep it coming.


  2. Good idea, here is an issue to kick around. As you know we have been working on a New England wide Lidar acquisition proposal. One of the problems we have are agencies that want to do their own acquisition rather than be part of a larger contracted acquisition. An approach where several agencies do their own contracting to cover individual parcels that theoretically would be integrated into a larger whole worries me. Will the data from each acquisition be compatible and maintain a consistent accuracy that can be easily stitched together into one complete data layer? Can basic ground rules be established to assure that all data is wholly compatible?

  3. Joe,
    Very good question. I will work on a post that addresses thisin the next week. In short, if the collections are done by separate LiDAR vendors and the specificaitons are similar the results maybe different because RMSE is absolute. If you have different specifications it is likely the results will be different. It is important for the state to think about the ground reference network for many collections, tying control in each collection to other collections, Providing already collected data that adjoins new collections to the vendor responsible for the new collection is important too. All these things will help generate a more “seemless” data set.

  4. LiDAR is probably the most accurate technology in measuring distant and small objects such as the planetary bodies. Everybody needs to be aware of this innovation.

    Having this is a good idea to let everybody know this amazing technology. I hope to read more updates on LiDAR applications, sensors and software.

  5. One topic to perhaps highlight would be announcements of “piggybacking availability”, maybe by letting blog readers know where planes (and instruments) are currently based or flying. Planes that are directly owned and operated by Sanborn could be spoken about, perhaps with an occasional focus on the crew flying the plane(s), along with a map indicating the area being covered by that plane currently, including the airport out of which it’s (currently) flying.

  6. Great idea on putting up a blog for Lidar! This can be used to post contents that can be used as a guide to those who are looking for more information about LiDar. Thanks for sharing!

    LiDar Companies Advocate

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