The 5 most important aspects of A LiDAR collection?

Several LiDAR professional were asked to list the five  most important aspects of LiDAR collection. This is what they said in no certain order.

1. Well organized field collection plan

2. Trained Field Staff

3. Accurate Logs/data organization/ Organized field documentation

4. Prompt problem reporting

5.Virgous review of the collection area to account for terrian/elevation issues

6.  Good Ground GPS collection and use of high accuracy benchmarks

7.  Avoid flying in adverse weather conditions

8. Always use two Base stations on every mission

9.  Complete field verification of collected data

10.  Network Survey

11. Proper collection of calibration flight lines

12. Colleciton of  S turns

13. Baseline distances based on accuracy requirements.

14. Collection of ground verification data


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