LiDAR FeedBack Anyone?

We would Like comments on what you would like to see on this blog regarding LiDAR.  Please submit ideas under the comments below.


4 Responses

  1. Well, no-one is really blogging about real-world experiences with lidar calibration, particularly calibration ‘ghosts’ that you eventually solve. So if you’re ‘allowed’ to do this, I imagine that would be appreciated in general.

    As well, experiences with different software packages that are related to the remote sensing workflow would be interesting.

  2. To better understand your request. What do you mean by “ghosts”?

  3. Basically, weirdness that one would encounter when calibrating a dataset…I’m not thinking of anything in particular, maybe like the effects of weather & temperature on a calibration (or how you compensate for the effects on hardware in a post-flight calibration setting).

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