14 Aspects of Checking Quality of LiDAR data

  1. Always look at 100% of the data.
  2. Devise a series of steps that include what your looking for and how to locate the issues
  3. Analysis the data for new error not previously seen (ie. Sensor malfunctions).
  4. Scrutinize Sub contractor data more than in house data
  5. ALWAYS look for calibration errors.
  6. Use a check list based on past projects and continually modify the checklist based on new issues observed.
  7. Always check for accuracy on all LiDAR data sets
  8. Check the data based on the project requirements ( different projects have different specifications).
  9. Complete coverage of delivery area
  10. Correct LAS version
  11. Accuracy of classes used
  12. Removal of artifacts to meet specifications
  13. Removal of Buildings and vegetation to meet specifcations
  14. No over filtering of bare earth

2 Responses

  1. This is very important on all sides of the contract. Understand the limitations of the data and the process before you decide to buy it. On the vendor side, number 6 on the list is a critical itme – be progressive.

  2. Thank you, If you have additional Items you feel should be on the list let use know and we will add them as we found input helps us deliver a better data set

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