New York City LiDAR

The Sanborn Map Company is collecting 362 sq miles of New York City for CUNY and the City. The data will be 8 to 12 points per meter with an RMSEz of 9.24 centimeters. This project will be featured in the NY Times in the next couple of weeks.

Calibration by Mobile

There has been several conversations at conferences about calibrating airborne systems using Mobile LiDAR systems. It seems that this would be a very effective way to calibrate an airborne system. It would greatly improve the validation of the horizontal accuracy as well as checking the vertical assessment of the data. Additional comments on the use of the intensity from mobile systems to refine the intensity tables of the airborne systems. The critical component being the wavelength of the mobile verus the airborne.  Any inputs on this subject would be welcome.


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LiDAR Links

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Mobile LiDAR picture of the day

Where are we? Airborne LiDAR (ALS-50 MPia)

Airborne LiDAR Picture of the DAY- April 8th, 2010

Given the start of baseball season! Do you know where this is? This is an all return data set.

Pitch Slope Error

The following is an image of two opposing flight lines and the white arrows indicate the pitch slope error at the edge of scan.

Mobile LiDAR picture of the day – April 8th,2010

Mobile LiDAR Picture of the day- April 7, 2010