Calibration by Mobile

There has been several conversations at conferences about calibrating airborne systems using Mobile LiDAR systems. It seems that this would be a very effective way to calibrate an airborne system. It would greatly improve the validation of the horizontal accuracy as well as checking the vertical assessment of the data. Additional comments on the use of the intensity from mobile systems to refine the intensity tables of the airborne systems. The critical component being the wavelength of the mobile verus the airborne.  Any inputs on this subject would be welcome.

2 Responses

  1. Would be skeptical of using the mobile systems intensity to refine airborne intensity. While wavelength would be one critical parameter (and no two lasers operate on exactly the same wavelength), the BRDF of the surface is also a major issue that would have to be dealt with.

    Certainly sounds good for dimensional cross-check.

    • I agree with David on this regarding intensity- the intensity DN of a lidar return should look very different from a laser fired from a mobile platform- not only due to differences in ranges, beam divergences and instrumentation, but the mobile is going to be hitting a target from the side versus an airborne instrument hitting an object from above or oblique. A tree from above will look much different than a tree from the side.

      That being said, using the higher-res mobile data to produce good linear features to calibrate swath differences seems an interesting prospect.

      P.S. Hi David!

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