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Derived surface model with extracted transportation and utilities features

Sanborn Mobile Lidar Collection of Island in South Pacific

Sanborn recently returned from the South Pacific with our Lynx Optical mobile terrestrial LiDAR sensor.  With a collection that took about 2 weeks, resulting in extremely high density point cloud data near 3500 points per square meter.  A total of 5 major villages with nearly 10 linear miles.  Both LiDAR data and RGB images, soon to be stitched into geo-referenced image sequences allowing for sophisticated extraction and modeling to be used for various end uses.

Mobile LiDAR picture of the day

Airborne LiDAR Picture of the DAY- April 8th, 2010

Given the start of baseball season! Do you know where this is? This is an all return data set.

Mobile LiDAR picture of the day – April 8th,2010

Mobile LiDAR Picture of the day- April 7, 2010

Airborne LIDAR Picture of the Day

Mobile LiDAR Picture of the Day