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LiDAR Links

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Mobile LiDAR picture of the day

Where are we? Airborne LiDAR (ALS-50 MPia)

Airborne LiDAR Picture of the DAY- April 8th, 2010

Given the start of baseball season! Do you know where this is? This is an all return data set.

Pitch Slope Error

The following is an image of two opposing flight lines and the white arrows indicate the pitch slope error at the edge of scan.

Mobile LiDAR picture of the day – April 8th,2010

Mobile LiDAR Picture of the day- April 7, 2010

Airborne LIDAR Picture of the Day

LiDAR Calibration

Calibration of LiDAR data is the most difficult process to perform when developing LiDAR data. It doesn’t matter if you have any one manufactures type of system. Each system has its own characteristics. It doesn’t matter if it is the same make and model. The results from the sensors will vary. The inconsistent variable is Roll. Roll changes continually on most systems. Some systems hold calibration better than other but it seems the calibration needs to be checked continuously. The second most inconsistent variable is the pitch and then depending on system the scan factor error and pitch slope error. Typically, I have never seen a needed adjustment to the yaw once it is set by any manufacture. There are several variables that should not be adjusted in calibration or only adjusted by the manufacture. Typically, these variables will be provided by the manufacture. Comments regarding this subject are welcome.